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"Protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility. We can all play a role in the care, safety and protection of children."

- Kayelene Kerr -


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A cyber safety smartphone app for parents called “Beacon” has been launched by Telethon Kids Institute and Bankwest. 


Beacon provides the most trusted and up-to-date information that you and your family will need to navigate the ever-changing online world, ensuring your children are safe online. 

eSafeKids Founder Kayelene Kerr is proud to be one of the Telethon Kids Institute’s trusted Expert Cyber Educators. 


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Responding to harmful and hurtful conten

Responding to harmful or hurtful content

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Pause Before Posting

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Responding to harmful or hurtful content

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Safe Secrets & Unsafe Secrets

Responding to requests for private photo

Responding to requests for private photos & videos


Parental control tools can assist to monitor, restrict, limit and filter what children and young people do and see online. There are many tools available and they all offer different functions. Parental control tools can be used to assist, not replace, ongoing participation, supervision, education and conversation.

To support parents and carers eSafeKids has partnered with Family Zone to offer our followers free Insights. Insights will alert you to risky or inappropriate activity and will let you locate your children’s devices. And most importantly, Insights provides you with access to Family Zone’s team of acclaimed cyber experts, delivering you the practical advice and support you need, exactly when you need it. Insights is not a parental control. It provides no filtering or blocking of content but simply monitors device activity.

Kayelene Kerr Family Zone Cyber Expert

Family Zone is one of the world's leading tools for parents to manage their child's devices. It allows you to manage screen time, block adult content, limit social media, limit gaming, track devices, manage in-app purchase and set bed and study times.

I'The below list of free and paid parental control tools and services is by no means an exhaustive list but could be used as a starting place to research what will best suit your individual and family needs. Free parental controls can also be found on devices and on websites. 


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In Australia The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is an excellent source of up-to-date information. It is also where you can report online content.