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Protective behaviourS

AND Body safety


"Protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility. We can all play a role in the care, safety and protection of children."

- Kayelene Kerr -


On this page you'll find content to watch, read, download and listen to. 

If you have any resource ideas or recommendations please contact eSafeKids and they can be added to the members community for everyone to benefit from.


Teaching children Protective Behaviours and Body Safety in age and developmentally appropriate ways doesn't take away a child's innocence, it helps to protect it.  


To prevent abuse, reduce violence and promote safety and wellbeing, protective behaviours education focuses on developing life skills of empowerment, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, problem solving, help seeking, persistence and assertiveness.

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eSafeKids Interviews and Conversations


Listen to an interview I provided Direction Psychology about the importance of teaching children body safety. 

Listen to an interview I did with The Conscious Project about protecting our children.

Listen to an interview I did with the Child Safeguarding Podcast. In this episode we discussed the importance of safe physical and online environments. We also discussed children's exposure to pornography.

Listen to an interview I did with the Fathering Project Fathering First Podcast.