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A Guy's Guide To Puberty and A Girl's Guide To Puberty 

With the help of comics, real-life stories and inspiring quotes, these books are fun, engaging and purpose built for children aged 8 – 12 years.  

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eSafeKids Resources

eSafeKids provides books and resources to teach children about social and emotional intelligence, respectful relationships, diversity, resilience, empathy, gender equality, consent, body safety, protective behaviours, cyber safety, digital wellness, media literacy, puberty and pornography.



SECCA provides support to people with disabilities, in their efforts to learn about human relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

Yarning quiet ways

This book gives tips to parents of young Aboriginal people to help yarning about sex and relationships a little easier.


Talk soon. Talk often

A guide for parents talking to their kids about sex.


Relationships, sex & other stuff

A few things teenagers will need to know about relationships, sex and other stuff. 


Boys & Puberty and Girls & Puberty

Almost everything girls and boys will ever need to know about body changes and other stuff.


Sexual Behaviours in children and young people

Guide to sexual behaviours in children and young people.

eSafeKids Protective Behaviours books


Protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility and we can all play a role in the care, safety and protection of children. 

eSafeKids would be delighted to speak with your student, parent, educator or professional community. For more information about our services please visit our Services page. We look forward to connecting with you.
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