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eSafeKids Cyber Safety Perth Western Australia
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eSafeKids workshops and training can be delivered online in a webinar or meeting format. 


Our evidence based sessions are presented in an engaging way and are filled with real world examples, practical strategies, conversation starters and resource recommendations. All attendees will be given access to the eSafeKids online Members' Community.  

All workshops and training are delivered by Kayelene Kerr.  Kayelene has delivered webinars internationally and throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Australia. 



Digital Wellness

"I found it really informative, and I really liked that the content was presented in a helpful way and gave examples of how we could apply it in our families. I also really liked that that it wasn’t presented in a black and white, lecturing style. I have viewed similar style webinars in the past and have often felt like the presenter was just telling me off as a parents, telling me to ‘just do better’ and not really in touch with the number of balls being juggled as a parent today. Managing kids and digital wellness often comes with very grey areas, and I feel like Kayelene captured these well. Instead of feeling like my parenting was judged for an hour, I have come away congratulating myself (and my partner) on the good things we have implemented and some ways we can improve”

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(Australia, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada and New Zealand)

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