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My Tricky Eye Spy!


Child abduction is every parent's nightmare, yet despite parental warnings most young children leave after 30 seconds if a stranger offers treats and/or is perceived as "nice". This book takes a different approach by teaching children what behaviours to look out for and be confidently aware with strangers. Introducing the concept of "Tricky people", it cleverly overcomes the Stranger Danger perception of the dark, scary man being the only person to watch out for. Using rhyming language, bright colourful illustrations, a detective theme and child-friendly humour, this book engages children and makes the conversation easy for parents, carers and educators. Children are taught, I'm ready to spy with my Tricky Eye, Anyone fooling me, Any where, when or why! Scenario questions reinforce the learning for the child and can be easily extended to cater for different ages.


Author: Kate and Rod Power

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My Tricky Eye Spy


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