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Parental Controls: Netflix

This article was written by Kayelene Kerr from eSafeKids.

Parental control tools can assist to monitor, restrict, limit and filter what children and young people do and see online. There are many tools available and they all offer different functions. In this blog we'll explore the tools available for Netflix.

The benefits of a Netflix child profile

To choose the types of TV shows, movies and games your child can watch or play you can manage their profile individually or create a profile with Netflix Kids.

The Netflix parental controls allow parents to customise up to 5 profiles on a single Netflix account. Each profile can be customised and allows you to set:

  • Language preference

  • Maturity level

  • Specific viewing restrictions

  • Profile lock

  • Viewing activity log

  • Game handle

  • Game saves

  • Subtitle appearance

  • Playback settings

  • Personalised TV show and movie suggestions

  • My List

  • Ratings

The Netflix Kids experience profile:

  • Has a logo on the profile icon so it is easy to identify.

  • Has a simplified look and feel.

  • Removes direct access to account settings.

  • Plays only TV shows and movies carefully selected for kids.

  • Doesn't feature Netflix Games.

Step 1 - Create a profile

Option 1 - Create an individual profile

  1. From a web browser, go to your Manage Profiles page.

  2. Select Add Profile * From the lower right, tap My Netflix

  3. Name the profile.

  4. Select Continue or Save. The new profile should show on the list of profiles on your account.

Option 2 - Create a kids profile

Step 2 - Set profile maturity ratings or block specific titles

When you set a maturity rating for a profile, that profile will see only TV shows, movies, and games at or below that rating. You can also block specific TV shows or movies from individual profiles.

Set maturity rating

  1. From a web browser, go to your Account page.

  2. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to manage.

  3. Change the Viewing Restrictions setting.

  4. Enter your Netflix password.

  5. Set the maturity rating level for the TV shows and movies you want to allow in that profile.

  6. Select Save. TV shows, movies, and games above the selected maturity level will be removed from the profile.

Block or unblock TV shows or movies

In Australia, Netflix uses the following TV and movie ratings:

Step 3 - Restrict Account Access

To restrict access to a specific profile on your account, you can protect it with a Profile Lock PIN. This will prevent your child from using an Adult profile to watch content. Hint: Make sure your child doesn't know your pin.


You may want to turn off autoplay this stops Netflix automatically playing previews.

Autoplay - iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet

  1. From the lower right, tap My Netflix.

  2. From the upper right, tap More  or .

  3. Tap Manage Profiles .

  4. Select the profile you want to edit.

  5. Toggle the switch next to Autoplay Next Episode to turn the setting on or off.

  6. In the upper right, tap Done.

Autoplay - All other devices

Viewing History

You can see the TV shows and movies that have been watched on each profile on your account.

How to see viewing history and device activity

  1. From a web browser, go to your Account page.

  2. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to see.

  3. Open Viewing activity.

  4. If you see a limited list, use the Show More button.

Don't set and forget

While parental controls are valuable tools for managing and guiding a child's digital experience, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Parental controls can help mitigate certain risks and provide a level of supervision, but they are most effective when used in conjunction with parental supervision, education, conversation and participation.

Open communication between parents and children is vital. Parents should actively engage in conversations with their children about responsible technology use, online safety, and the potential risks associated with the digital world. Educating children on making informed decisions and cultivating a sense of digital responsibility and resilience is crucial.

Parental controls work best when combined with a balanced approach that includes both technological safeguards and ongoing communication.

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